Welcome to Haigaonline
Issue 15-2 (September 2014)

This autumn's issue is devoted to Concrete Haiku. We are a haiga journal, and of course concrete haiku are not haiga. Still, over the years I've learned that that you can learn more about something by exploring right to the boundaries of what it is and is not. With "Turning Leaves" we begin a projected series of issues exploring other ways of working short-form poetry texts with graphic or visual images. Featured are works by Carlos Colon, Violette Rose-Jones, Anita Virgil and the author/artists who have submitted to this issue's Concrete Haiku Challenge. In addition, this issue's Traditional Haiga section presents three lovely haiku by guest author Peggy Heinrich that have been honored by our resident artists team. Click here to enter the issue.

Our Online Gallery:

In response to requests by some of our author/artists, we're introducing a direct link from the index page to the Gallery. In a bi-annual publication, it's a long time between our spring and autumn issues. If something interesting comes in that we don't want to hold until the next issue, the Gallery is a space where exhibitions can be mounted on short notice. Currently on display is our Winter 2014 show, featuring recent iPad haiga by Alexis Rotella, collaborative haiga by Anita Virgil with family and friends, and a collection of recent and retrospective work by Ed Baker. Click here to enter the gallery.