Tasmania AU


Ron never ceases to amaze: Watercolor, sumi-e, photography, photo collage, mixed media—he is surely one of the most inventive and creative modern haiga artists, as well as a master of the space or silence between text and image that is where the art lies.

Ron lives in Tasmania, an Island state of Australia that is a place of stunning wilderness and inspiration for his art. He has won or placed in international competitions, is published in leading anthologies and magazines across the world and, we are happy to say, is a frequent contributor to Haigaonline.

These six digital collages represent Ron's current style. He writes that he does not use Photoshop filters; rather, he achieves his effects through texture layers applied from photographs and scanned items. The magic comes from a choice of Photoshop's blending options for the layers. You'll see an amazing artifact on the right of each image. It's his chop, which has been textured and layered to make it resemble the inscription on an ancient monument.

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