Tasmania AU

The island state of Tasmania is a place of stunning wilderness that inspires Ron's art and poetry. He has won and placed in international competitions and is widely published.

Whether based on photograph or scanned watercolor paintings, Ron's haiga style is visually both rich and austere. In addition to Haigaonline, he has appeared in the Greenleaf Files, Reeds, Short Stuff, Simply Haiku, World Haiku Review and Wonder Haiku Worlds as well as on his own site,

Ron works in the Archives Office of Tasmania and volunteers as a firefighter and an officer at his local fire brigade. Recently, these experiences have been finding their way into his poetry and art, and the imagery is riveting.
Thus, as I began to plan this issue, I asked him to collect some of them into a haiga portfolio. We could scarcely theme an issue on the element of fire without also exploring its savage side.
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