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Mail Art is the use of snail mail to create and disseminate art. Histories of the movement trace its beginnings to as early as the 1960s. Enter "mail art" in your search engine and you will find copious information. Techniques are varied--drawing, painting, photography collage, stamps, copier paper, multimedia and three-dimensional materials—the rule is that if the postal service will accept it, it can be used. Central to the concept is for artists to communicate and exchange ideas using the medium of mail.

Mail art often includes text and poetry and it was almost inevitable that contemporary haiga would find its way into this form. When the first of these three postcards arrived from D. T. (well, actually, it came by email as a scanned image), I immediately asked if he had more. I hope not only that you're as taken by them as I was, but also that mail art gives you some ideas for your own haiga.

D. T. is a biology professor at Farmingdale State University NY, and a playwright. In 2005, his "Japanese Death Poem" received first prize in the John Gassner New Play Festival in Stony Brook University's Department of Theatre Arts. His plays have also been produced in Florida, Los Angeles and Australia.

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