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drawn from the Yuki Teikei Season Word List and the University of Virginia Library's Japanese Haiku Topical Dictionary


  • Sky and Elements: haze or thin mist, first spring storm, melting snow, lingering snow, spring cloud, spring frost, spring rain, spring rainbow, spring snow, slush        
  • Landscape: flooded river/stream/brook, muddy/miry fields, muddy road, spring river, spring sea, spring tide


  • Sky and Elements: cumulus/billowing cloud, cloud peaks, ocean fog, rainbow, sea of clouds, sudden shower, summer dew, summer fog, summer rain, summer sky        
  • Landscape: clear water, summer lake, summer sea, summer river, waterfall
  • Human Affairs: fountain, ice house, ice water, prayers for rain, swimming, swimming pool


  • Sky and Elements: autumn rain, autumn sky, autumn storm, sardine cloud.
  • Landscape: autumn sea


  • Sky and Elements: frost/hoarfrost, freeze, hail, ice, icicle, sleet, snow/first snow, winter cloud, winter rain/first winter rain
  • Landscape: winter creek or stream, sea or ocean, winter seashore