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Technical Details for the Slideshow "A Touch of Light"

Programs used to create the Slideshow:

1. Flash Slide Maker Pro. (

This simple and straightforward program was the program used to create the first show. When the music was added, the lack of a visual sound track or timeline of the show made us look for a program that provided such a feature.

2. Proshow Producer. (

This has many more features than Flash Slideshow Maker Pro, including a timeline and visual display of the sound track. It also allows individual sound clips to be attached to individual slides and also allows fading the background sound track. This program uses a proprietry format for the slide show which is a small size format of high quality both visually and aurally. This requires a "reader" program whihc unfortunately, is only made for the Windows platform. So mac users would not be able to see this format. Proshow god also produces a standard .swf flash file, but to get the equivalent quality of the proprietry (.px) format, the swf files are very large.

To get around the large file size problems, the Flash Slide Maker Pro program was used to generate a flash .swf file after the timings and synchronization settings had been worked out with the Proshow Producer Program.

It was also necessary, for the Flash Slide Maker Pro program, to create a single soundtrack blending the voice tracks with the background music track. The WaveMix program was used to accomplish this.