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David began writing haiku a few years ago when illness forced him to stop practicing law. He began putting his own, along with the haiku of established poets, on his weblog f/k/a (, a website that had commentary aimed at lawyers and others in the legal profession. Since then, his haiku and senryu have been published in Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Simply Haiku, and Roadrunner among others. He maintains personal haiku and senryu blogs ( and

Arthur has long been interested in photography although commitments to family and to his own law practice meant putting art aside for several years and he has only recently been able to resume. His and David's collaborative haiga have been featured in Simply Haiku and in the last issue of Haigaonline.

As is often the case with collaborative haiga, the process of working together stamps the creative product. For David and Arthur, it begins with Arthur's photographs. David composes for them, writing with zany juxtaposition, often in subversion of the image. The results are discussed, debated and agreed between lawyers before works are submitted for publication. As you'll immediately realize, theirs is a unique collaboration could only be achieved by brothers who happen to be twins.