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For a long time, our school librarian had been encouraging me to look at some of the graphic novels she had been buying for the school, pointing out to me that they might be a good way to include writing in my middle school art curriculum. What are graphic novels? Think of them as 'high class' comic books, but also a serious art form. Once I had browsed a few and gotten past the overblown style of some of them that are popular with the students, I realized that this kind of format would be a good way to incorporate images with haibun. Soon after I learned about Comic Life, a Mac software program that facilitates digital image-making and manipulation in comic-book style. I was off and running. I have published these 'Graphic Haibun', as I call them, in the Nisqually Delta Review, Santa Fe Broadside, Simply Haiku and Haigaonline as well as in limited edition original art works.

'Keepers' is respectfully dedicated to old friends at the museum where I used to work before moving to California.