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Isabelle Prondzynski and Students of the Kenya Haiku Clubs

As a member of the Yahoo WHCworldkigo group, I have been avidly reading the news of the students haiku clubs in Nairobi. At current count, there are six clubs involved with the Worldkigo's Kenya saijiki project (

Since it's now a school holiday in Kenya, we are indeed fortunate to be able to present some recent work from four of the clubs. The Bamboochas, Peacocks, Falcons are secondary school clubs with students ranging 15 to 18 years old, while the Butterflies are recent graduates, 18 to 20. In writing haiku for us, they used the following kigo:

  • short rains as such (season from mid-October to mid-December)
  • mud (kigo for either of the two rainy seasons)
  • flooding (haiku topic at present, as the rains have been very heavy and destructive)
  • World AIDS Day (kigo for the short rains, date 1 December each year)
  • local disturbances (haiku topic—a current event)
  • rainbow (kigo for either of the two rainy seasons)
  • thunderstorm (kigo for either of the two rainy seasons)
  • the moon (haiku topic)

The images in these photo haiku are Isabelle's. We're deeply grateful to her and to Gabi Greve of the Worldkigo project for arranging things, and we hope you will join us in honoring these remarkable young haijin.