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Devon UK

Jamie Edgecombe has been writing haibun and haiku for over 7 years now, but has only been composing haiga for about a year and a half. He is currently working on a collection of haibun, haiga and related essays, entitled The Middle Distance, through which he is exploring the nature of haikuesque literature in English.

During this past summer, Jamie was fortunate to be able to visit Uganda in Eastern Africa (even though the civil war had not ended at that time). The trip was funded by the Global Curriculum Project to increase the links between Ndeeba Secondary School and Tavistock College. Tavistock, where Jamie teaches literature, is helping the Ndeeba School to build a library for its pupils and its surrounding area.

Having studied African geographies as part of his degree, Jamie is aware of the overwhelmingly negative images of Africa that often appear in Western media. Although one cannot hide from the reality of a developing nation, a country's developmental status should not define its people. Uganda is a beautiful green and vividly red-colored land whose people are gracious and friendly. Through his haiga, Jamie seeks to explore both the positive and negative sides of this fascinating country and its peoples. He intends to return in the near future and will print his Uganda collection early in 2007.