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butterfly on the shoulder ...
with every flutter of his wings

Cho katani habatakeba yorikarukunari

haiku - Alenka Zorman
painting - Mary Rodning
translation - Hiromi Inoue
calligraphy - Shisen
haiga - Jasminka
bamboo flute - Choshi

Ljubljana, SI

We're delighted to present the haiga that our resident staff has composed with Alenka's winning haiku from last issue's Haiku this Haiga. An active member of the Haiku Club of Slovenia and the Aozora Project on Temps Libres, is widely published and has received prizes for her work. Her first haiku book Metulj na rami / Butterfly on the Shoulder (Apokalipsa Press, 2004) was reviewed by Robert Wilson in Simply Haiku (Autumn 2005). She has also provided haiku for Kuniharu Shimizu's haiga gallery.