"'B'oki," which is Bette Wappner's haigo, loosely translates as "a mermaid on an island in the middle of the sea." This haiga is, thus, a kind of signature piece. Bette describes herself as having been "rediscovered by haiku" in 2000. I have known her since 2002 when we were under anya's tutelage in a session of WHCbeginners. A past editor of Traditional Haiga at Simply Haiku, she is a featured artist in the Summer 2006 Traditional Haiga section of SH. Her specialty is moku-manga. This is a Japanese woodblock printing technique in which waterbased colors are hand-printed with a baren. This achieves a much more nuanced, luminous quality to the print that the western method of printing with oil-based inks and printing press. More of Bette's work may be seen on her website, http://www.geocities.com/b_oki_art.

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