In order to not present a criticism of the work of others, I will mirror what I see as common mispractices using one of my own images:

tipi 1: Too heavy an inner border

tipi 2 : Off color for an inner border/mat:

This is an exaggerated example to make a point. When selecting the colors for both the small inner border and the mat, the best practice is to use the eyedropper and select colors from the image or to use a dark inner border and an off white mat or a light inner border with a dark gray tone mat.

tipi 3: Here's the same inner border/mat sizes but with a darker gray taken from the mountains in the background, and the lighter gray taken from the tipi poles. In this case, you might argue that the inner border is too large ... it's 5 pixels.

tipi 4: Here's the same border/mat colors, but with an inner border of 2 pixels.

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