At this point you should save your psd file. But, now you need to optimize the file for transmission through the internet. A jpg file is one that has all extra information eliminated so that the image will be as small in kilobytes as possible allowing it to move as fast as possible through telephones and cable lines and to load as fast as possible onto people's browsers. A psd file is one with all the information in it and thus is generally too large for internet transmission.

Depending on your copy of photoshop, there are easy and less easy ways to convert your psd file to a jpg file.

Go to the layers window, look for a small triangle in the upper left, click on it, and select FLATTEN LAYERS.

Go to the FILE MENU -> choose SAVE AS. A dialogue box will come up. You have three things to do:

  • name the file [I might use, snowscene-finished.jpg].
  • select the file type. The dialogue box now shows "photoshop" and I need to change it to "jpeg".
  • select the destination ... where you want to put the new .jpg file on your computer
  • click save.

When you click save, an new dialog box will appear. In this box, you get to select the optimization level.

If you move the quality slider all the way to the right, to a setting of 12, you get a larger file that will be slower to transmit over the internet. If you move it all the way to the left, you will get an image that will be fewer kilobytes, and will transmit faster, but it also may be distorted. More on that below.


If you look at the size information at the bottom of the dialogue box, you will see that the file size of my image, set at quality 10, is 91.69 k [kilobytes] and that it will transmit in 16.2 seconds on a 56.6 kbps [kilobyte per second] telephone modem. It will transmit much faster on a high speed line, but not everyone has high speed lines, so the key is for you to make a decision as to how long people will be willing to wait to have your image load onto their computers. I generally select a quality setting that will transmit the image in about 10 seconds with a 56.6 kpbs modem.

Be aware, that the lower quality settings will eventually produce distortions on your image. So, you might look at the optimized image to determine whether it looks okay. If not, then go back to the .psd version and save it again, this time with a higher optimization.


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