Now it's time to add a haiku text. Use the eyedropper tool to select a font color. I usually select a color that is found in the image. In this black white image, the choice is easy because I want a darker grey to write over the lighter gray mate. Perhaps even a black. If I select the eyedropper and click on any of the sticks, I'll get a dark gray, but not black, color in the foreground color box. Here's what my color box now looks like.

Click on the TEXT TOOL, select a font and font size, and now you can type your font onto the image and mat. Don't worry about positioning yet, because you can always move the font and change it's size and color later and font type. You can do this because the font/text will have it's own independent third layer. Here's what my image now looks like with a haiku added.

Note that in my layers window, there is now a third layer with a large "T". This is the text layer. Also note that I've selected a font named "Caflish Script Pro", Regular, Size 30 pt, smooth, left aligned, and dark gray.

The beauty of photoshop is that I can at any time return to this .psd image and modify the text font, color, size, positioning. In fact, if you've succeeded in placing a font on your practice image, try now clicking on that big "T" in the layers window and then modify the font type, size, color, alignment.

I can also click on the background layer in the layers window and modify the background color and texture.


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