In photographic terms, this is called the mat. I like to use a fairly large mat, of about 100 pixels on sides, top and bottom. I also like to make the bottom larger than the top and sides so that I can place text at the bottom of the image [some folks like to place text directly on the image in which case you need only to make the top and bottom and sides the same mat size.

Method A: Add a 100 pixel mat to top, bottom, sides.

Go to the SELECT MENU -> choose SELECT ALL [this will select both the new inner frame and the image for copying].

Go to the EDIT MENU -> choose COPY [this will copy the bordered image]

Go to the FILE MENU -> choose NEW. This will bring up a dialogue box. My original image was 500x360 pixels. The modified image with an inner border is now 504 x 364 pixels [remember, we added to pixels to each side and top and bottom of the image]. Thus, my new dialogue box looks like this:

To create a 50 pixel mat on each side, I merely change the 504 to 704 and the 364 to 564. This makes a new photoshop window appear. Note that it is untitled. I now paste the copied image into this window and this produces a 100 pixel white border on all sides and top and bottom. go to EDIT MENU -> choose PASTE. I now have two images open, the original 'snowscene-copy.psd' and a new image that is untitled. Name this "snowscene-copy2.psd".

Note that the layers box to the right of the image now has two layers: Layer 1 is the image with the 2 pixel border. Layer 2 is a white background which has framed the original image with 100 pixels on a side.

The next step is to add a color or texture to the white border, if desired. let's begin by adding a light gray to the outer border. Use the eyedropper to select a color from the image itself. This will make the desired mat color appear in the foreground color box. Next, go to the layers window and clock on the white background. Then go to the EDIT MENU -> choose FILL. A dialogue box comes up, and select "Foreground Color".

Suppose you'd like to add a texture to the 100 pixel mat. Go to the FILTERS MENU -> choose TEXTURES -> choose TEXTURIZER. Note that you will get a dialogue box that allows you to select Brick, Burlap, Canvas, Sandstone and that also allows you to alter the settings on the scaling, relief, and light direction. Play with these until you get the effect that you want. I usually like something like: sandstone, scaling = 55%, relief = 2. My image now looks like this.

But, alas, there's very little room for adding text ... so now let's repeat the process above, but make the bottom border of the mat larger, so that there is room for text [click on the forward arrow below to go to method B].
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