Ron lives in Tasmania, an island state of Australia and a place of stunning wilderness that inspires his art and poetry. He has won and placed in international competitions and is published in leading anthologies and magazines across the world.

In this portfolio, he has been experimenting with black and white photography and a presentation in which the design established within the image itself extends to the boundaries of the web page through the use of the same scanned pattern of recycled paper.

In this sequence, Ron has used photos he captured on a return visit to New Zealand for his recently departed father's funeral. The images are of a contemplative mood, with present and past memories and the grief close at hand. He uses juxtaposition and association with the photography to bring about an experience of haiga in the modern tradition.



Click on any thumbnail for the full-sized image. It will open in a new window. From there on you may follow the slideshow by clicking on the bootprints.

A note: Ron has designed these haiga for viewing on a large sized monitor. If your computer screen cannot accomodate the entire image, click on the small size bootprint for a slideshow with image display set to 550px high.