Devon, UK

Born in Plymouth and educated at the University of Wales, Swansea, Jamie has been publishing poetry since the age of 17 though his efforts are now centered mainly on haikuesque forms. For three years he taught in Sapporo, Japan, returning to UK in 2004 to teach at Tavistock Community College in Devon. He is best known for his haibun, which he began writing five years ago after finding a copy of Bruce Ross's Journey into the Interior, but within the last year he has also begun to explore the possibilities of haiga.

As you will see in this portfolio, his muse has been Plymouth itself, which is a strange mixture of naval history. A city that has seen many great explorers and captains set sail from its docks, it is now a repository of 'fifties architecture, having been severely bombed during WWII. Plymouth is itself quite poor, but is surrounded by some amazingly beautiful countryside and coastal vistas. All these factors have informed Jamie's work.


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