Ed Baker
Maryland, US

Ed's poetry and art are both widely published. Recently he has provided art for the 2005 issue of Moonset and for Scott Watson's book, The Santoka Versions (Bookgirl Press, 2005). He has also collaborated with an'ya in haiga that have been published in Simply Haiku (November 2004) and in the 2004 World Haiku Review. More paintings may be seen on his web site, Bare Bones Bonze (http://edbaker.maikosoft.com).

What's immediately captivating about Ed's art is the way archetypical figures and motifs arise from the brush strokes and splashes of his paint. Creating a suitable page for these playful poems and paintings was fun and challenging (hint: if you're still wondering why we're speaking in the plural of 'poems and paintings', you may want to play your mouse around the haiga before you return to the Contemporary page).

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