Washington, US

Canadian by birth, Carole has been writing poetry for many years and is widely published. She is also an accomplished photographer who finds the subject matter of her haiga in the unique landscape that surrounds her home on the Pacific coast at the US-Canadian border at the 49th parallel. In particular she likes to zoom in on her subjects in an effort to have them tell their own story once separated from the larger picture.

In this series of haiga, Carole has been experimenting with reduced color saturation and the use of white as an important part of the composition. She deliberately leaves room for the poem when framing her subject and sometimes fades the edges to draw the eye into the subject even more. She’s also been experimenting with filters to soften and texturize her images, feeling that sometimes they speak best when toned down from the color clarity of a photograph.

Carole's first love remains capturing "real life" in her photography. Lately, though, she has been exploring abstraction in the patterns of nature—the way that water wears on stone, for instance, or the way that light silhouettes a subject or duplicates it through shadow.

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