Olympia, Washingon, USA

CarrieAnn is the editor of Nisqually Delta Review (http://NisquallyDeltaReview.bravehost.com). She is a columnist and contributing artist for SP Quill and White Lotus magazines. Her haiku and poetry have been widely published. Her haiga may be seen on ShadowPoetry's Community of Poets. Her haiku chapbook, Blue-gray Currents: A Haijin Hikes In And Around The Olympic Peninsula is available through ShadowPoetry.

Using photographs, watercolor, nontoxic stains, colored pencils, pen and ink, sumi-e ink, or oil pastels, she imports these into Photoimpressions where she adds text and/or digital editing. Drawing on the scenic landscape of the Olympic Peninsula, her art is infused with a symbolism that is both personal and universal. The circle is a mandala shape that represents the circle of life, and the never ending cycles of birth, death, transformation, and life-recycling.

Heron imagery abounds in CarrieAnn's art, as they are plentiful where she lives. "One nests in a very particular spot at Capitol Lake", she writes. "I can visit him whenever I want and can get up to 8 feet away. He seems older and somewhat ragged. Once he flew parallel with my bike for about 35 feet from a distance of maybe 20 feet and the level of my shoulder. It was breathtaking! I wrote this about that sacred moment:

bike flying
parallel with a heron
wing flayed breath

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