Oregon, US

We are delighted and honored by the return of an'ya and Petar. An'ya of course needs no introduction as a poet and the previous editor of Haigaonline. In past issues she appeared with daughter Larisa in our Family Haiga section.

Petar too is a member of the family as our former webmaster. Longtime readers will recall his biography in the staff section, which began, "So how does a "gearhead" get involved with a haiga/haiku website?"

By marriage to an'ya, of course. Together they have run a farm and a fishing resort, kept house in a tent and on a bus, as well as lived in Ohio, Curacao, California, Florida, aboard ship and now in Oregon. The bio showed Petar to be a man of varied creative interests and accomplishments, including poetry, engines, the restoration of "street rods" and cooking. What it did not mention was that Petar is also a talented visual artist.

We are especially pleased to welcome him as a contributor in his own right. For this issue of Haigaonline, an'ya convinced her husband to do the artwork for a few of her haiku and tanka. This is the first time they have worked together on a project of this sort, and resulting the haiga clearly show that theirs is a remarkable marriageafter thirty-six years the excitement has not gone out of it!

Petar and an'ya have always worked together in business, and are now running the natal * light press which produces an'ya's books, her moonset journal and the Tanka Society of America's Quarterly Journal, Ribbons.