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spring/summer 200

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art and poetry by students of Terman Middle School, Palo Alto CA

Spring seems to be the time of year when teachers do poetry with their classes. It's not just because April is National Poetry Month. I think that it's also because the level of trust between teacher and students is at its optimum by this time in the school year, and trust is what students need if they're going to take the creative risk that's necessary for poetry.

This year I volunteered to organize our school literary magazine, which sent me out of my art room looking for poetry. Naturally, I also kept my eyes open for things that would be of interest to haigaonline and was very pleased to find some lovely haiku and tanga written by students in our seventh grade Social Studies and Language Arts classes:

In accordance with our school district policy, students are identified only by first names and last initials.

sumi-e brush painting by Simon V from my art class.