open window—
a flower rising on the blue . . .
I'm alone no more

Fereastra deschisa—
o floare rasarind din senin . . .
nu mai sunt singur

madohiraki aozorani hana okite kodoku narazu

haiku - Vasile Moldovan
haiga - Mary Rodning
translation - Hiromi Inoue
calligraphy - Shisen
bamboo flute -Choshi

Vasile Moldovan
Bucharest, Romania

We are pleased and honored to present Vasile Moldovan, whose haiku was selected by an'ya to poem Mary Rodning's painting in the last issue.

Cofounder and chair of the Romanian Haiku Society, Vasile has published a number of books, most recently The Moon's Unseen Face (2001, tr. Christain-Mihail), reviewed and excerpted in the Spring 2004 Simply Haiku . His haiku appear in haiga by Kuniharu Shimizu and he contributes to Museki Abe's Photo Haiku gallery.