by members of WHChaikumultimedia

At WHChaikumultimedia, one of our favorite activities is a group exercise that gets us into new modes of creative thinking. Our exercises are usually organized by group director Carol Raisfeld, but occasionally an idea comes along that just seems to capture everyone's imagination, and we're off and running. These interactive haiga were one such case. It all started when Gillena Cox posted a link to, an art poster site that offers gallery space for storing and sharing images. The site also has a feature called the "artpad", an interactive digital canvas where you can draw, paint, add text, and then save and share the url for your creation. What viewers see is not simply a jpeg of the completed painting, but a Flash file that recreates the process of painting it. Viewers may even add to the image in a collaborative haiga (saving the addition creates a new url so the original is unaffected).

We will be publishing the full set of our experimental artpad haiga in World Haiku Review, but haigaonline is pleased to be able to offer you a "prepublication peek". We do not know how long will keep the files available online since they make no promises. What you're seeing is thus experimental in more ways than one!


Carol Raisfeld

Darrell Byrd

Gabi Greve

Laryalee Fraser

Linda Papanicolaou

Shanna Moore


In this collaborative haiga, an image was created by Linda Papanicolaou and the url posted on WHChmm. It was subsequently poemed by Carol Raisfeld and by Gary Ford.

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