volume vi issue
spring/summer 200

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an'ya: "passing the haiga torch"

Sometimes in life, we get to a point where we must admit that our time is limited, and that someone else could do a project much more justice. I've reached that point with haigaonline and turned it all over to Linda, who I know will do a much better job than I. Linda teaches art and is an artist herself who was featured in one of my earliest issues when I took over from Jeanne Emrich. She’s also worked with WHChaikumultimedia for quite some time now and has done great things with the World Haiku Review.

The most difficult part of this, however, is parting with resident artists. We've worked closely together to bring you each haigaonline and thereby grown to know each other personally. It always took a big team effort to produce an issue and the support I received from each person was fabulous. Thank you everyone and welcome Linda!

I could go on and on—but I'll not. Rather, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the next issue when it comes out along with the rest of the world. It will be a complete surprise to me as Linda has done it all virtually on her own and I’m sure will carry haigaonline (where it belongs) much further into the artistic realm of traditional and modern-day haiga . . .

love ya, an'ya