happy equinox and merry solstice!
                          from our whole staff . . .
By now, you've all most likely noticed that our spring/summer issues are in brilliant colours and busy patterns, as opposed to our autumn/winter issues which are in a more traditional black and white. For this current issue, haigaonline is proud to present our 'special sepia' creations.

haigaonline is an international website, and once again we bring to you, our choices of accomplished haijin this time from the USA, South Africa, England, New Zealand, the Isle of Skye, India, Serbia/Montenegro, Australia and Japan.  Beginning with 2005, you'll notice some changes at haigaonline . . . which mainly pertain to bringing you more quality than quantity.

Still, every traditional haiga is created by our multi-talented team of resident staff artisans
. Mary Rodning paints the haiga, then Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese, Shisen adds the calligraphy, and our new resident musician Choshi, composes bamboo flute accompaniment. Finally, our hard-working co-editor Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honoured guests chosen haiku . . . and even after all this coordinating, my task has barely begun. 

In addition, we give you innovative contemporary haiga from other exceptional artists, as well as the opportunity to submit your own haiku (by email) for 'poem this painting,'  which is now more appropriately being called 'haiku this haiga.'

Featured in thi
s haigaonline for our experimental presentation, we are pleased to introduce a creative graphic sepia-haiga entitled 'Wind Weaving' by two equally talented women artist/writers.

Again, we have included our 'family' section, our 'haiku friends' section, and our popular 'young haijin' section, plus our 'tanka section' as well.

All of us here at
haigaonline, hope you enjoy your visit.
2004 volume V     autumn/winter
an'ya - contributing editor
   publisher -
the natal *light press
photograph by haigaonline's multi-talented
co-editor, Jasminka Nadaskic'  Djordjevic'
and a special thank you to her for converting the images in this issue to sepia tones for your enjoyment . . ..

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