I put on my coat--
a cricket sheds its skin
for the season


ware koto kireba chichiro wa dappi seri

haiku -
larisa Worthington
haiga -
Mary Rodning
translation -
Hiromi Inoue
calligraphy -
bamboo flute -Choshi

This haiku was selected to accompany Mary's artwork for numerous reasons. Firstly, it was by far the best haiku submitted overall due to its unique take on the haiga itself. You might say to yourself, do crickets shed? Absolutely, and more than once in a season. This haiku enhances the haiga beautifully, focusing on the cricket rather than on the pumpkin which is the larger and more colourful part of the haiga. larisa's haiku exemplifies the relationship between the season via the pumpkin, and  with the cricket. The juxtaposition of the person putting on their coat for the season and the cricket shedding for the season, is excellent. This haiku brings person and cricket together as one, though each is doing their own thing (so-to-speak) because of and in preparation for a weather change. Thanks to larisa for submitting this one!---an'ya, editor
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