Presenting another lovely haiga by Mary Rodning, haigaonline's resident artist. If you are so inspired, please send us a haiku to enhance Mary's artwork. If your haiku happens to win, it will be translated into Japanese by our resident translator Hiromi Inoue, then the calligraphy of our resident calligrapher Shisen will also be incorporated into Mary's painting. And finally our resident musician Choshi will compose bamboo flute music to accompany the whole haiga. It will be then be featured online, so please be sure to submit your (one free) haiku anytime before the 1 May, 2005 deadline (under the subject heading) 'haiku this haiga' to:

The winning haiku combined with the haiga will be featured in our spring/summer 2005 issue, plus the winner will be issued a writer's award certificate from haigaonline.

Poem this Painting No. 4

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