Family Collaborations

                              Sylvia Pare

started her "extensions" while living in Anahim Lake in the Chilcotin. In her work, she uses 'realistic' photographs and abstracts them with charcoal and pastel. Sylvia looks for links with line, colour, texture and now, with words in her collaborations with her fathers poems. In her art she hopes to play with our perceptions.

Where is the line between reality and abstraction?

Currently living in Merritt, BC,
Sylvia's extensions have been exhibited in the Station House Gallery, Williams Lake 1999, Rollin Art Gallery, Port Alberni 2000,
Merritt Art Walk 2001 and 2002.

Jim Swift

father, Jim Swift is retired and now lives in Port Alberni, BC. He began writing poetry in the early 90's following a weekend conference led by David Whyte
at Lebanon College in Pennsylvania. It was
Sylvia's idea to submit a proposal to the Rollin Art Gallery for a collaborative exhibition "Perceptions" of her work and her father's poetry in July 2000.


focus turned to haiku in the summer of 2003, the collaboration turned to haiga. The "driftwood" haiga is their first one.



extensions begin with some of her own photographs which are pasted on artboard. She then uses pastels to extend and connect the images in the photographs and "play with our perceptions."

Sylvia's & Jim's family haiga
Sylvia's & Jim'

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