Experimental haiga:Ketsup

These are part of a series called 'Ketsup." Both haiku and ketchup (catsup) can be traced back to a Chinese form---forms very different from what they have become.

The ketchup being orignally a fish type sauce that later was established in the west as a mushroom ketchup (lots of others too) and now mainly tomato ketchup.

Haiku, well we know the history right back to chinese poetry.

Should we be using the modern ketchup or still harking back and trying to reproduce the original form?

I took definitions or etymologies of the word ketchup (found and provided by Jeff Weitor), and initially replaced ketchup with haiku, and then worked on them into haiku and images.

The images are using a very simple graphic's package and block colours. Perhaps they will make a series of postcards.
---Paul Conneallynneally
the world's largest ketsup bottle
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