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March ladybird--
glinting on her carapace
a tiny silver sun
Chosen for third place is this haiku by John Ower. A shining example of spring with an excellent zoom effect, bringing the hugeness of the sun right down to a tiny speck on a ladybird's back. Can't you just see the silver glint? John's use of the words 'ladybird', rather than 'ladybug', combined with the word 'carapace' instead of 'back or shell' are rhythymic, consistent and unusual, yet still understandable, which makes for a haiku that grabs the reader's attention. The alliteration of words like lady(bird,) 'glinting', 'tiny', and 'silver' are a plus as well. A thoughtfully composed haiku, thanks John.Congratulations!---an'ya, editor

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