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This is our second place contest winner. An unconventional choice you might say, but it's effective in this particular haiku because it's not so much that the loose tie was actually rattling a blues tune (which we all know isn't possible really.) However and rather, the important point in this haiku, (and what makes it work), is that the author is perceiving a 'blues tune' via the loose tie in the train track. It's a fine line and falls in that gray area between personification and skillful haiku writing. It also incorporates two senses giving us firstly sight in the 'passing train', and then sound, Thank you Michael for allowing us to share your moment---an'ya, editor

Michael Rehling
Mary Rodning
Hiromi Inoue
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Michael's Biography

Third Place Winner

Table of Contents
passing train
   the loose tie rattles
a blues tune
makuragi no burusu kanade ressha syuga