the Fourth haigaonline
haiku Competition

(open to the public world-wide)

DEADLINE: accepting entries
in-hand no later than 15 October, 2004

ADJUDICATION: 1 November, 2004, and winners will be included in the spring issue of haigaonline,
as well as in our annual yearbook.

HOW TO ENTER: send (2) two
haiku only per entry (not haiga) in an email to anya@empnet.com with the subject line: 'ho contest submission'. Your haiku must be 'original' and 'unpublished', plus not be under consideration or published elsewhere.

Please include your name, address, phone number and email address.

Any submissions that are submitted elsewhere or have been published, will be disqualified

Open-format haiku, no theme, but
autumn or winter season only please (other seasons will not be considered), in English only

NOTIFICATION of RESULTS: via email, SASE's, and announced online

cost: $5.00 for two
haiku which equals (1) entry, though there is no limit on the amount of entries per person; for easy payment simply click on the link below:


and then JUST click on the PAYPAL LINK:

or send entries in duplicate on a 3x5 card (one with name, address, telephone, and email), payable to the natal light press, and in-hand no later than 15 October, 2004 to

P.O. Box 1168
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
97760  USA

PRIZES:  First Place - $50.00 US funds
Second Place - $20.00 US funds
Third Place - $10.00 US funds

Our resident artist
Mary Rodning
will create haiga for each of our three winners, our resident translator Hiromi Inoue will translate them into Japanese, calligraphy will be added by our resident calligrapher Shisen, and they will be set to bamboo flute music composed by our resident musician Choshi. They will be featured in the spring/summer issue); all those who place will also receive certificates of merit from haigaonline, and be included in our annual haigaonline yearbook.

(haigaonline reserves the right to cancel this contest if we do not receive enough entries)

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