Biography: DeVar Dahl

My name is DeVar Dahl and I am a teacher in the small
town of Magrath, Alberta. I have been interested in
haiku seriously for the last six years. Before that I
thought it was simply a poetic form that lent itself
to the counting of syllables and the recognition of
parts of speech. The internet has been  great to bring
together good haiku teachers and poets.
    I have had the good fortune of having some of my
haiku published and some have placed in competitions.
I am in the process of developing a website for Haiku
Canada( and in May I was elected
president of Haiku Canada.
    Haiku awareness enriches every day. I watch for
experiences that can produce haiku and even if haiku
don't come the watching and sensing make it all worth while.

DeVar's haiku

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