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Samantha is just five years old. Her birthday is June 16, and she was born in New York. Her mother, Karina Klesko, writes many styles of eastern poetry.

Favorite colors: pink and purple
Favorite food: crabby patties
Favorite cartoon: Dora the Explorer

has strawberry blonde hair, almond coloured eyes, and her favorite past time is art projects.

From birth, she lay in her mother's lap while she wrote stories on the computer. Upon exploring haiku her mother wants the simple voice of a she involved two of her children in haiku.  Her mom is losing her eyesight and wants to be able to share other senses with her children, and help them make the transition, of not having a sighted mother.

She wants to show them how important all of the senses are. They are working on pages of each sense.  Sight has been published at WHC Juniors. 

Samantha started studying piano this year, and can now play some songs, including a few holiday tunes.

She has been published at WHC Juniors for the past two issues with her brother Paul, age 7. She and her brother create little plays, mostly Christian, and spin-offs of Veggie Tales. One of their favorites is "The Pirates That Don't Do Anything" .

Samantha was a preemie, eager to arrive after only six months of pregnancy. She has attended a Private Christian School for the past two years. Sam has a dog named Kipper, a border collie and Blue Tick, named Lady.

She dresses up in pink and feminine things, and will be out by the pond digging for treasure in the mud.
Cindy Tebo and her mother, Karina Klesko, wrote, Pond Magic with her in mind. It is about a pair of pink shoes her mother drew...and a little girl who trades them in for a pirate's booty, it appeared in SxSE.

is very practical and logical, but when in a group she doesn't stay with the obvious, she looks for the unique and special things. Others will be playing on the swings, Samantha will be catching a bug, or anole, or picking little tiny purple and white bouquets of  flowers that grow hidden in short grass.

When she attends craft shows, others children are bored and running off, but she and her brother look at each display and discuss it. 

Her brother is her hero.

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