feels the responsibility to make it known to all persons who ever participate at this site, that (by and with) the use of their works, NO RELEASE OF COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP IS REQUESTED nor IMPLIED, insofar as ALL OWNERSHIP OF COPYRIGHT automatically shall remain 'forever and solely' with its ORIGINATOR.

Any would-be sales, reprinting, exhibitions, presentations, etc. shall be done in the SPIRIT of professional artistic collaboration, which is:

Agreement to contact ALL other parties involved for EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION, terms, and so forth.  This is a mutual artistic trust of 'all'; parties involved in any fashion, hence abuses and/or violation of that trust are protected by INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAWS, and thereby prosecutable . .  . moreover,


at this point in time is not in a position to pay authors.  We do reserve the right however, in the future, to republish (in hard copy) and on CD, items from this website, in which case you will receive one discounted copy containing your work.  haigaonline's editor also reserves the right to make the final decision to use your work in an annual yearbook in the case you cannot be contacted within a reasonable period of time. Thank you !

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an'ya) & the Webmaster (Petar)

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