fuyu akebono mado no nekono me kirenga ni

winter dawn
at a window the cat's eyes
just slits

haiku - Nancy Stewart Smith
haiga -
Mary Rodning
translation -
Hirome Inoue
calligraphy -

For first place, of all the haiku submitted, this very simple moment won, and is something that many people have most likely already experienced, especially if they are a 'cat person'.

However, what a delightful way to see the dawn, through a cat's eyes, does it look different ? Perhaps now we know!  This haiku starts out with a very wide setting in line one and interestingly narrows down the whole horizon to 'just slits' in line three. It has even more meaning when one considers that the peak breeding season for cats is wintertime.
Nancy has captured not only the dawn, but the cat's inherent longing. Her haiku is quite well-crafted, with a fine pivot line, and a short and sweet,, but most effective closing line
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