Tomislav Z. Vujcic'

Tomislav was born on July 18, 1949 in Veliko Laole, a village near Petrovac na Mlavi, SR Serbia, SR Yugoslavia.

For 30 years he has been engaged in journalism and literature (mainly poetry), as well as in gathering various folk literature and folk treasures.

His works were published in numerous Yugoslav, and some foreign journals, reviews, and magazines, plus presented on radio channels.

has also been represented in several Yugoslav anthologies, and collections of poetry.  He is a recipient of around ten literrary awards.

Recently, he has started writing also aphorisms, banters, humoresques, and short stories. His haiku have been published in both Yugoslavia and abroad.

The Cultural Center of Petrovac na Mlavi has recently published his first book of contemporary poetry entitled "The Tied Angel.

Tomislav is a member of: The Aphoristic Association of Svrljig (Yugoslavia), the Haiku Association of Yugoslavia (Belgrade), The Readings Association for Music Creative Work of Serbia (Belgrade), and Haiku Club "Aleksandar Nejgebauer" from Novi Sad.

Tomislav's haiku                                       

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