Serge Tomé
was born in 1956 in Liège, Belgium. He is an Information System Manager by profession. He is the web editor of the temps libres - free times site a free project to promote haiku in Europe. The site is a bilingual window (French and English) on the international haiku community, with weekly and monthly pages. There is a total of more than 1500 translated haiku available.

temps libres - free times also hosts HASEE : (Haiku Association of the SouthEastern Europe), the portal of the haiku in the Balkans with more than 15 subsites for magazines and associations. This includes the Haiku Club of Slovenia, Aleksandar Nejgebauer Haiku Club, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, Ikuyo Yoshimura (Japan), Angelee Deodhar (India), and Cindy Zackowitz (USA).

Serge is the past haijinx editor for Europe. His online activities also include mailing lists. He is the co-founder with Mark Brooks (USA) of the shiki-temp haiku mailing list, a temporary structure during the unavailability of the Shiki list (Japan). He is also the project leader of haiku-fr, the only haiku mailing list in the French speaking world.

Serge is an Honorable Member of the Yugoslav Haiku Association and a member of the Haiku Club of Slovenia.

chapbooks, books, collections, & anthologies
Serge has work in: Sommergras Variationen uber ein haiku von Matsuo Basho, collected and edited by Martin Berner, Minimart-verlag, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1999; Transparent Current (Haiku from the inaugural World Haiku Association Conference), Tolmin Slovenia 2000; World Haiku Festival 2000 Anthology (upcoming).

newspaper, magazine, & journal appearances
Serge's work has appeared in: Haiku : the Journal of the Association of Croatian Haiku Poets 13-14, Spring 1999; Mushimegane 15 (Japan, Oct 2000) : "A new method to study the cultural differences in the writing of haiku".

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