hortensia anderson lives in New Yori, and has been a college teacher of esl and english, a disc jockey in nyc nightclubs during the punk rock and new wave eras, a proof-reader and copy writer, and a gestalt psychotherapist. she started zen meditation in the late 1970s and got hooked. a free verse poet since the late 1970s, hortensia joined the Shiki haiku mailing lists in 1998 finding fulfillment in the union of poetry and zen. her current interest is collaborative poetry and she always has several projects in the works.

hortensia has two websites:

chapbooks, books, collections, & anthologies
published a book of poetry, Trust (Fly-By-Night Press, 1995).

newspaper, magazine, & journal appearances
hortensia has been published in many and varied small presses both on-line and on-paper.

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