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the cherry blossom issue
2003 volume III      

an'ya - editor
  publisher - the natal *light press
                               happy spring!
             summer solstice!

fro m  from whole staff at

editor's note: for this current issue, we've chosen to use more animated graphics and colours than usual for a lighthearted 'spring-like' presentation in view of all the sadness and turmoil in the world recently.

'haigaonline' is an international website, and once again we bring to you, our choices of accomplished haijin this time from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, England, Slovenia, India, Germany, Serbia, Japan, and Ireland.

Every traditional
haiga is created by our multi-talented team
of resident staff artisans who paint
(Mary Rodning), then
translate (Hiromi Inoue), plus add calligraphy (Shisen), in which case, our co-editor (Jasminka) puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honoured guests chosen haiku . . . and even after all this coordinating, my task has barely begun.

In addition, we give you innovative
contemporary haiga from other exceptional artists, as well as the opportunity to submit your own haiku for 'poem this painting No. 3'.

Featured in this
'haigaonline' for our experimental presentation, we are pleased to introduce a very unusual and modernistic expression of haiga by a female haijin on the scene.

Again, we have included our
'family' section, our 'haiku friends' section, and our popular 'young haijin' section.

We also have an essay
on haiga by Susumu Takiguchi.

Table of Contents
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