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haiku by Ernest and by an'ya

nibbling on a leaf                                mountain air
a yellow caterpillar                             the caterpillar reaches
letting in the sun                                 twigs end

Ernest                                                  an'ya
______                                                 ______

sultry night                                          no moon
a jay in the bird-bath                           illuminating the bay
empties the moon                                jellyfish

Ernest                                                  an'ya
______                                                 ______

silent rain                                            mountain slate
i stop to listen                                     the colour of the sound
to the lake                                           spring rain makes

Ernest                                                  an'ya
______                                                 ______

night fishing                                        breast-high
knee-deep                                           in a private pond
in the pleiades                                     white lilies

Ernest                                                  an'ya
______                                                  ______

removing her face                              lean year
after a long day's work                      the income tax man
avon lady                                            stays for pot roast

Ernest                                                 an'ya

in addition, the
natal * light press is honoured to introduce:

first edition private collection

haiku for a 'moonless night' Volume I

with memorable
haiku by an'ya

This book is also hand-stitched using natural sinew, limited first editions (numbered), and autographed by the author.  Over 130 pages of prize an'ya's winning haiku and numerous extraordinary haiga by the multi-talented and world famous haijin/artist Kuniharu Shimizu.  Foreword written by the equally well known editor and haijin Zoran Doderovic.

more about a
'moonless night', quoting from the foreword:

" It is rare to find a poet in the world who has gained in a short amount of time, such great success, with so numerous awards and recognitions.  Coming to the very top of the
haiku world, an'ya's outstanding talent, plus her hard work brings me to the idea that haiku came into contact with an'ya as a destiny.  At the beginning of the third millennium, when so many haijin are emerging, an'ya's book is a true signpost" . . . Zoran Doderovic

plus one of the comments from the back book cover:

"an'ya is the 'Christina Rossetti' of contemporary haiku -- her work consistently reflects a similar artistic philosophy, passion, energy, and joyful image-making." -- Michael McClintock

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