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and a quote from its publishers:

"About the book 'moonless night' . . . contained within this publication, is a collection of plain and simple nature moments, yet each one seems to be presented so uniquely that suddenly one even comes to know intimately this woman's friends and loved ones. Working on
an'ya's book, we felt (as we're sure its readers will also feel), like that curious child discovering some secret passageway in a private library, who dares to tiptoe down the corridor of this author's old-soul step by step . . . haiku by haiku" --- the natal * light press     

haiku by an'ya

night of stars
all along the precipice
goat bells ring

june breeze
a hole in the cloud
mends itself

after its first flight
the young gerfalcon's talons
tighter on my glove

a sudden vastness
between stars

snow on jonquils
today my life too
seems indecisive

soft breeze
a bee's stinger lifts
in the air


both these books

'haiku wine'
'moonless night'

are now available June, 2003

we invite you to place your orders anytime; however,
and before you do . . . please consider a (2 for one) special price:

If you would like to purchase these two books together the cost is $ 24.95 + $ $3.50 shipping/handling charges if mailed within the United States;

When purchased separately, each book is $ 15.95 + $ 3.00 shipping/handling charges if mailed within the United States

(international orders welcome, though postage costs will vary)
(books will be numbered according to ordering sequence)

Should you like to purchase these fine
haiku books, (and if you live in the northern hemisphere), please make your check (in the amount according to the prices listed above)  payable to:

the natal * light press

and mail it anytime to:

the natal * light press
P.O. Box 1178
Prineville, Oregon
USA  97760

However, if you live in the southern hemisphere, please make your check payable to Ernest J Berry, and mail it to:

Ernest J Berry
Box 272, Picton, New Zealand
75 Waikawa Road, Picton

thank you for your support; if you have any questions, the online contact is:

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