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        the natal * light press  Release
                           Out now !

two supurb first edition haiku books . . . please place your orders(particulars below).

the natal * light press is doubly privileged to announce the availability of these two following publications:

'haiku wine'

with prize winning works by New Zealand's ever popular eccentric,
Ernest J Berry; complimented with award winning haiku by an'ya, a shining light and an American-Serb.

Each book is hand-stitched using natural sinew, with over 130 pages of combined exceptional
haiku by Ernest and an'ya, limited first editions (numbered), plus distinctive haiga by Ernest.  The foreword is written by Debra Woolard Bender, a most especially gifted and respected poet, editor-in-chief of the 'World Haiku Review Magazine'.

more about
'haiku wine', a quote from the foreword:

"With the increasing pace of World haiku, there are a few
haijin who shine, going from strength to strength, lighting the way with poetry of continued excellence. And who wudda thunk it -- but what a great idea: two of them -- Ernesto and an'ya together -- a natural --perfecto! _haiku wine_ is more than a sparkling collection of their haiku: it is a synchrony of paired movements unique to each partner. Each poem compliments or contrasts with the other of the pair, often taking surprising twists and turns. Readers will waltz, twirl, glide and spin with the poets through  kaleidoscopic patterns of imagery, a magically weaving word-dance of emotional poignancy and sensual delight ... a celebration of being (and fair dinkum, too). Haiku poems are so brief that this book (mindfully published in large print) can be easily consumed one by one. But I recommend for full effect, that readers take two at a time, slowly savoring with a clear glass of contemplation."   ... D. W. Bender

plus one of the comments from the back book cover:

haiku wine is a wonderful collaboration between Ernest Berry and an'ya, two highly respected poets in the haiku world.  At their table they serve us, the reader, a very strong and even selection of haiku, senryu, and haiga.  Their work encompasses many aspects of life and they often take the reader to some places where other poets have not.  At times, one finds oneself in a deep meditation; at other times, giggling.  What a table to sit at, especially when the wine comes!  I highly recommend this book".   --- Stanford M. Forrester, President of the Haiku Society of America

and a quote from its publishers:

haiku wine was a pleasure to be involved with from the very onset, and the fact it is in 'bold print' and thereby targeted for senior citizens, is a real tribute to those it honours.  The content of this book transcends time and place, and is sure to carry its readers from the rugged beauty of New Zealand, to the USA's wild west, then back again.  It is quite apparent that each and every haiku was handpicked to perfectly (though subtly) compliment its counterpart.  This book successfully masters a fine balance between the two writers whose haiku beautifully grace its pages" . . . the natal * light press  

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