tsuyayakana   kokkan   ni   hae   suberi   wori
This haiku struck me right off; 'death', 'the deceased'
. . . a difficult subject ever to approach, but
Patricia brings life back into the haiku via 'a fly', a plain old ordinary fly, and yet at this moment in time, the most important insect in the world to author and reader alike as it represents the only movment, the only lifeforce, and depending on one's religious beliefs (though I don't know this authors), it might represent reincarnation, or rebirth, or other numerous possibilities.  Her use of the word 'shiny' to describe the 'coffin' is a skillful example of 'the shineness of a fly' actually becoming one with 'the shiny coffin'.  Not to mention, it even throws a bit of subtle humor our way by using the word 'skating'; this is really what we all know flies actually appear to do, yet I wonder, would we have the wherewithal to pull off using this word in a haiku as well as Patricia has ?, thus I chose it for First Place . . . editor
skating on the lid
of the shiny black coffin
a fly

Patricia Prime
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