Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic

Jasminka is an electrical engineer, and a haijin, living in Smederevo, Serbia.  She is also an art photographer and writes haiku, plus other forms of poetry.

She is the author of four books of poetry, which include: 'Time of Nettles', 'The Patch of Dark', 'Jostling of Butterflies', and 'An Upset Bird, and Wide Open Eyes I'm Dreaming'.

In addition,
Jasminka is world-renowned, and has won numerous top awards and grants such as:  'Mainichi 2nd prize and (2) HM, runner up at the 35th Annual Conference of Japan society on Water Environment, third place at the Kusamakura Haiku Competition, HM HIA Competition, first award for the Haiku contest "YU - 2.99", second award for XII Yugoslav haiku festival, Golden Star at the Toast Point Contest, and Commendation at the IV Yugoslav haiku festival.

She has also, been published in many magazines, newspapers and websites such as: Blithe Spirit, Mainichi Daily News, Woodpecker, Modern Haiku, Point Judith Light, the Heron's Nest, Asahi Haikuist Network, haijinx, Interactive Photo-Haiku, Free Times, World Tempos Journal, Moments, Tinywords, Haiku Harvest, Ginyu, Ko, Haiku Poet's Hut, Aozora haiku, HASEE, haiku cycles, In Buddha's Temple, Pearls of Wisdom, Chiyo's Corner, Letni casi, Haiku, South by southeast, Short Stuff, WaterBlossoms, Quill and Parchment, Carpe Diem, Anti-War Haiku Wall, the Electronic Poetry Network, Haiku Gardens, Digital haiga, Poet's International, Haiku Canada Newsletter, Museum of Poetry, Suien, Photo-Haiku Gallery, Nightingale, Gradina, Haiku Moment, Haiku Informator, Haiku Novine, Haiku Pismo, Lotos, Pomak, Krovovi, Maslacak, Leaflet, Leptir, Nas Glas, Lipar, Sartid, Ljubicica, Skoljka . . . and anthologies such as: Wild Flowers, New Leaves'.

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