Mike Farley

I'm 63, married with 6 grown kids and 12 grandkids (so far). Shirlee and I live on a hay and cattle ranch just west of Red Lodge, Montana, about an hours ride north of the Wyoming state line and YellowStone Park. I as introduced to haiku in November of last year (8 months ago) by a friend and cowboy poet, Darrell Byrd, himself a haijin of considerable accomplishment. Most of my haiku are about things I see, and the experiences I enjoy on almost a daily basis here in this beautiful, scenic and wonder-filled rural country of ranches and small towns nestled between the high plains and the Rocky Mountains of the American West. This will no doubt be the shortest biography of any of these esteemed poets as at this point I've not submitted any of my work for publishing . . . Mike Farley
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Poem this Painting No. 2

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