Janice M. Bostok

Janice was born in 1942 at Mullumbimby, NSW. Education: schooling at Mullumbimby, BA from University of Queensland. She has an international reputation as a haiku poet, editor and judge. She has been published in many anthologies in Australia, Japan, the USA, England, Canada, Greece, Poland and Romania. In the 1970s she edited and published TWEED. Since then she has edited for HOBO, Paper Wasp, Scope, Yellow Moon, Red Moon (USA) and Stylus ezine. She co-edited 'The First Australian Haiku Anthology' on the HaikuOz website. She also writes. and has published, short stories, non-fiction and general verse. She has won various contests and awards; one being a 'Haiku Society of America Book Award in 1974'. She has given workshops, talks and been guest poet at Poetry Festivals in Australia and New Zealand. At Katikati in New Zealand Janice has had two haiku carved on rocks in a council park. She enjoy extending her writing to other artforms and has had her haiku and sumi-e on pottery. Janice Bostok can be contacted at Email:  

Janice's publications include: 'Banana Leaves, (haiku) Australia, 1972; Walking into the Sun, (haiku) Shelters Press, USA, 1974; Hearing the Wind, (haiku) Australia, 1976; On Sparse Brush, (general verse), Makar Gargoyle Poets Series, Australia, 1978; Silver Path of Moon, (5 erotic haibun), PostPressed, Brisbane. 1996; Still Waters, (one lined haiku) EarthDance, Australia. 1997; The Farmer Tends His Land, (solo renga) Tiny Poems Press, Enfield, USA. 1997; Shadow-Patches, (haibun) Hallard Press, Auckland, New Zealand, 1998; A Splash of Sunlight, (haiku) Australia, 1998; Dimmed the Mystery, (tanka) Snapshots Press, England, 2000; Treading Water, (sumi-e artwork), Australia, 2000; Reaching Out From Dreaming, (tanka) Australia, 2001'.

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