Elizabeth Searle Lamb

Elizabeth was an early president of the 'Haiku Society of America', and edited the Society's journal Frogpond for 8 years.  Her haiku have been widely published, translated, won numerous awards, and appear frequently in international, as well as,  American anthologies.  Her extensive collection of primary source material is in the 'American Haiku Archive', in the California State Library, Sacramento, and she served as first honorary curator of the archive.  The author of several haiku chapbooks, her latest book is Across the Windharp: Collected & New Haiku, La Alameda Press, Alburquerque, NM, 1999.  Although a 'Kansan' by birth, she has lived in Santa Fe, NM since the 1970's.  Elizabeth's sense of haiku "is to resurrect a tiny prism of memory into a moment that lives with color, scent, and sound".
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